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Natural Hormone Center is a naturopathic medical practice that provides preventative medical care for adults. Our practice focuses on (but not limited to):

  • Fatigue and exhaustion 
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • Anxiety 
  • Weight management
  • Dysfunctional menstrual cycles 
  • Perimenopause and postmenopause support
  • Fertility and preconception health 
  • Thyroid dysfunction
Our effective & unique approach to treatments include:
  • Nutrition and lifestyle support
  • Supplement support (vitamin/herbal/others)
  • Salivary and serum lab testing
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Testosterone hormone therapy
  • Naturally compounded thyroid


"I started working with Dr. Shannon in late 2014 to get help with managing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, treating Mono and Fertility issues.  Dr Shannon supported me with supplements for Mono first, and then fertility support. I had been trying to get pregnant for several years with doctors, other Naturopaths and a fertility clinic with no success.  Early in 2015 I had recovered from the Mono and by May I was pregnant.  Dr Shannon has continued to support me through my pregnancy, into labor (treating GBS) and postpartum support in balancing hormones.  Her weekly  'B12 Happy Hour' sessions have also helped me greatly through times of stress and travel.  She has a holistic and comprehensive approach and is generous with her time to make sure all treatment options are explored." - Megan P.

"Dr. Wood is amazing. She has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my recovery from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Wood not only offers B12 shots, but she also offers comprehensive care and other ideas to help one reach their optimal wellness. Her naturopathic approach is holistic in that she takes time to listen and absorb the complete picture. She has offered me other natural herbal remedies available in her office as well as several referrals for further care which has improved my health immensely. Lastly, she is very personable and patient centered care is her number one priority. I highly recommend Dr. Wood."  - Peter D.

"Before Shannon, I had gone to many doctors (western and alternative) to get help for my severe leg nerve problems and tiredness. I had seen naturopaths before and I felt like I had tried everything possible, so I had very little hope that anything could really change. From the beginning Shannon was very generous with her time and truly listened to me. I have to add that I am the type that Googles everything and checks all research, so I am not an easy patient. She explained clearly what different paths we could take and offered to do more research on details if I had further questions at any time. She gave me a simple list of homework and herbal/homeopathic medicines. Small changes in my body started right away. What I love about the homework she gives is that it always includes things to make my life more fun. Everything that she has recommend for me has had an effect... not always immediately so much better, but actually that is where her skills are the best - she is great to work with through the ups and downs of figuring out what exactly is that your body and mind needs.  Sometimes we had to adjust dosages and sometimes it took time to see changes, but Shannon is very knowledgable and supportive at every point. She bases her recommendations on much knowledge and practical skills. Her knowledge on hormones, adrenals, and stress of today's life on one's body is phenomenal. Her vitamin B cocktails are wonderful, and worked so well on the nerves in my legs, but that is just a special extra bonus. Her true gift is the knowledge of the female system and in addition she loves to help her patients. Now, two years later, I have to say that she created a miracle in my life. I did not think that I could ever be this well and have control over my body's health. Something important to add, Shannon also understands that patients have budget limitations and discussions about the cost of the treatments and different cost options are easy." - Kir S.

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